Xblades Jet 4 2020 4E Width Mens Football Boots

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4 The Unstoppable.

Built to meet the needs of the modern footballer, JET 4 has an elite pedigree, unmatched in combat sport. It’s performance capabilities give you the power to torpedo through a tackle, yet with the class to turn on a dime, and slice through a defence with unparalleled precision. 2020 brings in a major upgrade to the JET undercarriage, developing a new Sidewinder outsole, built for controlled traction, power at your disposal when you need it, release and protection when you don't.

Constructed out of our legendary k-leather upper, which is able to mold to your foot for the ultimate personalised fit.

Spread your wings, be a JET.

KEY FEATURES SIDEWINDER OUTSOLE Rotational traction outsole design to deliver unrivalled advances in boot performance and protection. Unique stud configuration is aimed at releasing over loaded force laterally without compromising necessary traction to remain agile. Unique rotation studs near pivot of foot avoid the MPJ axis to allow proper forefoot flexion, work in conjunction with studded “tails” that help release laterally and grip on the medial side.

LEGENDARY K-LEATHER The most premium material found in true footy boots, K-leather. Our soft to touch leather is able to actively mould to the shape of your foot, giving the ultimate personal fitting unique to you. It is also able to provide players with an innate kicking feel off the boot and optimal comfort all game.

SKELETON LACING The skeleton lacing system is designed to lock foot into boot comfortably while providing the maximum surface area for striking the ball. The lacing system is skewed directed in a correct anatomical fashion, to provide a flat surface and ensure nothing interferes with your kicking technique. The laces bind tight and pull the boot evenly, ensuring lockdown is evenly distributed and remains tight during the most agile of manoeuvres.

SPECIALISED TOE PATTERN Nothing beats that feeling of striking the ball cleanly, so we created a forefoot toe pattern that complements this feeling and gives great touch and feedback to you. The pattern is designed off centre asymmetrically, perfect for hitting that sweet spot and nailing the target.